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qifang pharmaceutical 2014 annual autumn sales meeting2016-02-25 10:53:24
guangdong's party was held in hebei shijiazhuang successful merchants team autumn sales meeting. the meeting break the routine, in a lively, interesting, competition, etc, in the form of the whole meeting full of vitality and passion, also let the participants, in retrospect, there is a feeling of wanting more.

  the meeting time is only two days, but very full, content rich variety, especially in terms of slogans, each set of the podcast, give full play to the power of the group and team spirit, greatly reflects the party investment team cohesion and innovation ability.

  medical department also for the promotion of the experience and lessons of the first half of the summary, analysis of the department will be the cause of the success and failure, to the next department will develop smoothly laid a good foundation. finally, has carried on the summary to the meeting, general manager of yang chunwei, proposed & quot; change going & quot; , including the change of the transition of the thinking, behavior and attitude change, is a wake-up call to all of you & quot; don't think change, sink & quot;


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