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fufang xueshuantong diwan
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1. the product features

● sole invention patent protection in two decades, many provincial health care, suitable for long term operation

● the prevention and treatment of retinal vein occlusion, diabetic retinopathy, etc ophthalmology wonder drug

● unique formula classics, dosage form, high bioavailability, take easy

2. product manual

please read the instructions carefully and use under guidance of physician

drug name

 common name: compound thrombosis dropping pill

 chinese pinyin:fufang xueshuantong diwan

a copy of】notoginseng, astragalus membranaceus and salvia miltiorrhiza and radix scrophulariae.

sex form】this product is a brown-black ball dropping pill: taste bitter, slightly sweet.

function of the attending】invigorate the circulation of blood, qi and nourishing yin.used in the treatment of blood stasis and qi and yin deficiency syndrome of retinal vein occlusion.disease see under vision

a sign or visual abnormalities, fundus blood stasis, god fatigue, dry throat, dry mouth, etc.

gauge】pills for 180 / bottle, 270 / bottle;each pill weight 30 mg.

usage】oral, 30 pills at a time, three times a day.

adverse reactions】it is not clear.

forbidden】it is not clear.

matters needing attention】if pregnant.

physical interaction】there is no this product information interactions with other medications.

hidden storage】sealed, placed a cool dry place (not more than 20 ℃).

package is installed】plastic bottles, 180 pills/bottle (5.4 g/bottle).

the period of validity】36 months

approval number】approved byz20050781

production enterprise

company name: guangzhou, bao pharmaceutical co., ltd

address: xinhua street, huadu district, xinhua industrial zone, 46 daphne road

the zip code:510800

the phone number:020-36861898

fax number:020-36861898-832

registered address: xinhua street, huadu district, xinhua industrial zone, 46 daphne road


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